Butterflies have been captivating our mind and fantasy for thousands of years. The small insect has acquired a variety of meanings. 'Butterfly Stories' shows some of the ways in which butterflies fascinate people. It uses an entirely new approach to films about animals.

A magical trip to the microcosm of people and butterflies all over the world, set in a mix of genres. All elements serve to immerse into the feelings people hold for caterpillars, chrysalis, butterflies, moths and the like.

The main story is a witty road trip with Cory McAbee aka Wandering Star on the 'butterfly trail' from Chicago to the highlands of Mexico. The singer/songwriter, known to fans of independent film as 'The American Astronaut', is looking for inspiration for his new album to also earn him some money. He follows the spectacular monarch migration. The further Butterfly stories portray a young Ecuadorian artist who fell in love with the unseen beauty of moths at an abandoned gas station by the jungle. We also make the acquaintance of a couple of silkworm-breeders and a moth hunter in the Thai jungle. We meet a young hippie girl from Switzerland living with strange caterpillars in her own cocoon, just about ready to spread her wings and start living. The negative spectre of feelings is represented by a German guy, who hates butterflies. His phobia is interfering with his daily life, but he has developed techniques to cope with his daily nightmare.